Forever Mine


Forever Mine

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FOREVER MINE TIL THE END OF TIME! You are a BITCH for LIFE and we both know it. You love hearing My superior GODDESS voice sweep into your mind and make it a total mushy mess for me, turning you into an addicted drone of MINE! you want to hear all about how you are imprisoned for Poshy for LIFE … a true mindless puppet here just to be leashed and used for ME. 

My big beautiful breasts, blue eyes and blonde hair alone make you weak but when you add in the sound of my haughty voice and feel my powerful presence you realize you never stood a chance.

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1 review for Forever Mine

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    Broken Soul

    the power of Posh is a potent poison and so is Her ultimate truth, in this wicked and enslaving video, full of disarmament and layered programming that will be sure to put you on your knees for life. You’ll want Her so badly but you’ll know you’ll never be worth more than to worship as Her bitch and hope to earn Her approval.

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