The Venus Sway Studio

The Venus Sway Studio

The Venus Sway Studio

The Venus Sway is a Femdom Financial Domination Brainwash store featuring digital content produced by Goddess Posh. Each clip, photoset, song & app are all designed with her signature BRAINWASH style and method, including the upcoming clips featuring her VENUS SWAY STARS!


The Venus Sway Stars are young women hand chosen and trained by Goddess Posh to dominate and destroy the male species with their natural assets. Men are weak for women, and shouldn’t be the leaders of anything with that thing between their legs guiding them everywhere. That’s why I have shown MY STARS that MEN are TOOLS for our pleasure! Whatever that pleasure may be. You can hypnotize and mesmerize him with your feminine allure, he will be helpless to resist. I have shown them through my own money slaves that it is possible to corral the male species and teach it good boy behavior, like sending cash, obeying commands, being always ready to serve…

I have helped my VENUS SWAY STARS embrace their TRUE POTENTIAL so they can dominate weak bitches just like I do. I help them to profit off of their power, so they can enable themselves to get even further in life! I have my boys so well trained they are so anxious to meet my VENUS SWAY STARS! You can of course meet my sister Princess Sasha Star already, just subscribe to her OnlyFans profile!


You can expect to see the first appearance of The Venus Sway Stars on clips4sale in June! Each clip featuring The Venus Sway Stars will be 5-15 minutes priced at $19.99 $24.99$29.99 unless it is a speciality clip, in which case it will cost extra. While I personally do not make custom clips of myself YES, you MAY order custom clips featuring any of MY stars! It needs to be arranged beforehand and approved by ME, so do not just assume because you can pay I will say yes. Come to me humbly, respectfully, and I will take your order if it is something we enjoy.

I also sell a featured selection of MY personal Venus Sway clips right here on Venus Sway & I run two personal OF accounts for you to follow. One featuring my financial domination brainwash clips, which you can stream. The other featuring kinkier clips with fetish themes like CBT, Forced-bi, Sissification, Cuckoldry, Chastity, SPH, Role-Play clips etc. Truly obsessed and addicted pets subscribe to BOTH accounts and purchase copies of the files for their own personal collection, as streaming is just not enough!


When you are a subscriber on my OF sites you get to have personal interaction with ME!  I can send you pay2view messages with videos or photos attached, mindfuck messages, and just chit chat but you must always be ready to TIP. CLICK and SEND or you end up tossed to the bottom of the slave pile. Oh and stay tuned to behind the scenes footage and clips being posted exclusively to my OF sites!

I look forward to seeing your addicted spending in my new clips4sale studio, send me to the TOP where I belong! Send ME and MY stars to the TOP by feeling our DOMINATING hands digging into your boy brains and our heels digging into your back as we walk all over you!




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  1. Poshydrone

    im so lucky to have indoctrinated into the Venus Sway Goddess…years of its programming has left me helpless to resist Your power and control. The Venus Sway stars will only deepen my slavery! Thank You Goddess Posh

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